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Camera Tracking Map

november 21, 2007

You Are Here tracks and displays the paths of visitors traveling through a large public space. The system displays the aggregate paths of the last two hundred visitors along with blobs representing the people currently being tracked. When viewers approach the work, they can display the live video image with the paths of currently tracked visitors. Video and more here


Word Map Search Google

november 21, 2007

a world map illustrating the origin & content of the most popular search queries via Google, revealing the preferences & interests of the world population. the map is based on data from the Google Zeitgeist statistics of 30 different countries from April to June 2006.




Word Map Of Users

november 21, 2007

cool audio/visual experience as a world map interface representing the geographical location & amount of users & views of the website, along with personal links & blogs of the visitors.



City Consuming

november 21, 2007


“Our approach is to consider that uploading, tagging and disclosing the location of a photo can be interpreted as an act of communication rather than a pure implicit history of physical presence.”

set of geo-visualizations, based on the time, explicit location & people’s description of thousands of Flickr photos. by considering that uploading, tagging & disclosing the location of a photo can be interpreted as an act of communication, rather than a pure implicit history of physical presence, the resulting maps reveal patterns of tourists & citizens consuming a city. for instance, the flow of people between city attractions, the monuments areas of influence or what is happening with day/night & working/weekend periodicity.



Half Life Deathmap

november 21, 2007


a collection of data graphs & heatmaps of the game Half-Life 2. the Half-Life game includes a reporting mechanism which reports back details about how people are playing the game. this data is collected to detect emergent problems earlier & to create better game experiences.

the game statistics include Completion Time, Total Play Time, Highest Map Played & Average Number of Deaths. the “Death Map” heat maps illustrate the specific locations in the map where players were killed most often while playing the game.